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Fred H. Peck, DDS, FAACD
Call Us Now: (513) 621-7666

“A Tradition of Excellence
In Dentistry for 3 Generations”

Cosmetic Dentistry

How to get that smile you have always dreamed about.

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Dental Implants

Provides secure, natural looking options for missing teeth or loose dentures.

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A smile that is pain free, stable and functions correctly.

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Smile Gallery

View the beautiful smiles of happy patients of Dr. Fred Peck.

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Laser Cavity Detection


The DIAGNOdent laser can detect small cavities at an early stage before they would appear on x-rays or to the naked eye. In the past, these tiny cavities would have been undetectable until they caused significant damage. With the laser, they can be identified much sooner reducing the damage to the natural tooth structure. It works by processing the light wavelength reflection into the hand held unit, and is very accurate. Early diagnoses of cavities leads to more effective and thorough treatment, and less discomfort for you.