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Comprehensive New Patient Exam

Dr. Fred Peck strongly believes that in order to have a beautiful smile you must first have a healthy smile. That is why with each new patient we do an extremely thorough comprehensive exam. The exam begins with a review of the patients’ medical and dental history, and a discussion with the patient about any specific dental concerns they have.

Photos are then taken, and an explanation is given to the patient of what the patient can expect with the rest of the exam.

Oral cancer screening is then completed with Dr. Peck thoroughly examining the tongue, gums, cheeks and roof of mouth. Dr. Peck also examines the outside skin around the mouth. After the oral cancer screening is completed, Dr. Peck begins the TMJ and bite examination.

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Dr. Peck begins by gently placing the jaw joint in a variety of positions, checking for tension or tenderness. He then begins looking for any signs of grinding or clenching, checks muscle strength, and checks bite (The way the teeth fit together).

After this is completed Dr. Peck does a complete periodontal examination, checking for loose teeth and any gum disease. He inspects every tooth for any visible problems such as signs of wear, hairline cracks, defective fillings, cavities or ditching of the tooth at the gum line.

Dr. Peck ends the exam by listening to the jaw joints with a TMJ Doppler for any abnormal sounds. A healthy jaw joint has no sounds. After the exam is completed a full set of x-rays is taken to look for any hidden issues. Studies now show that the health of the mouth can directly affect the health of the entire body. Call today to set up a comprehensive exam for you and your loved ones.

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