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Dr. Fred Peck attended advanced training and is now offering Botox esthetic and therapeutic treatments and esthetic dermal filler treatments for his patients.

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Botox has proven to be invaluable in treating dental disorders such as TMJ disorder, teeth grinding and teeth clenching. If left untreated these disorders lead to joint, head and neck pain, including migraines. They also cause extreme stress on your natural teeth and crowns and veneers, causing chipping, cracking and breaking. With Botox injections, Dr. Peck is able to provide targeted therapeutic treatment to muscles that are extremely tight or spasming. Botox relaxes the muscle, alleviating the painful symptoms.

As a dentist who creates beautiful smiles, Dr. Peck understands the importance of how your lips frame your teeth and smile. With esthetic Botox treatments and dermal filler treatments Dr. Peck can “relax” your lip to correct a gummy smile and create fuller lips. What work of art isn’t enhanced by the perfect frame!

With the wonders of Botox and dermal fillers Dr. Peck is also able to erase lines and wrinkles from around the mouth, eyes, forehead and cheeks. You can say goodbye to those pesky crow’s feet, eleven’s between your eyes, laugh lines around your mouth and the stress lines on your forehead. In just one office visit Dr. Peck can have your face looking rejuvenated and years younger.

You may be wondering why Dr. Peck has chosen to be trained and provide treatments that you normally would receive from a plastic surgeon. As an esthetic dentist, Dr. Peck is extremely knowledgeable about the facial and jaw muscles and how they function. He also understands the need for symmetry and balance to create a natural look that will turn back the clock ten years or more.

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